What causes skin infections?

skin infection

infection occurs when your immune system responds to an input. Types of different cells in the immune system that are involved in infections.

These cells release a variety of substances that can blood vessels and make them more permeable. This allows the immune response to reach the affected area more easily. Many symptoms member with infections, including heat, and swelling.

Immune system disfunction

Sometimes our Immune system may not function properly and may direct immune response to normal, healthy tissues.

Additionally, people with the cardio disease my suffer a skin condition called dermatitis herpetiform when they eat foods that contain starch.


Bacterial, Viral, or fungal infection

Some examples of infection that may cause skin infections to include:

  •    Blouse
  •    Antibiotic
  •    Ringworm
  •    Sebum


Skin infection such as dermatitis may be caused by several factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Bacteria on the skin

How is skin infection analyze?

Analyze of our skin infection , our doctor will first perform a physical exam and take our medical history. Many cases of skin infection caused by an infection can be diagnosed by a review of the rash.

Our doctor may also perform time to time blood tests, such as a basic metabolic panel or complete blood count, in order to rule out a specific disease.






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